How May We Help You?

Whether you are in need of support, encouragement, prayer, guidance,

or simply someone to talk to, we are here for you.


Care Groups
Care groups are small groups of people from within the church and community who meet together on a regular basis to "grow in Christian love."  In addition to studying God's Word, these groups support and encourage one another.  These are people you can count on to be there for you during the rough times in your life.

Prayer Requests
We encourage you to submit the names of family and friends in need of prayer.  Prayers can be shared on Sunday morning or through a prayer Chain (For additional and/or urgent needs). If you wish to submit a prayer request, either on Sunday or on our Prayer Chain, please call the church office at 585-223-5757

Lay Ministers
Lay Ministers make sure that each person connected to our community of faith is cared for spiritually and emotionaly, and that they are surrounded by love in the name of Jesus.  they insure that every person has the loving care and support they need to navigate critical situation.  They are not a substitute for pastoral care, but function to provide another "layer of love."

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care is available to provide emotional and spiritual support in time of crisis.  the death of a loved one, hospitalization, marriage and family concerns, and job loss are just some of the moments that may prompt the need for Pastoral Care.  In times of need, contact the church office at 585-223-5757.

The pastor, our Family Life Minister, our Youth Minister and others at Risen Christ are available for personal or family Christian counseling.  For more in-depth or longer term counseling, referrals can be made through the pastor or lay Minister to other area Christian counseling services.  Contact the church office at 585-223-5757