It’s time to address another important parenting issue—the one of having a scream-free or yell-free home. Not only will this make for a more peaceful home, but it will also help to make your children calmer and more confident in who they are.
I know how easy it is to feel you have to raise your voice to be heard or even yell rather than going to your children to speak normally so they can hear you. But as parents, we owe it to our children and ourselves to speak in calmly and respectfully so they will learn to do the same.
The following link takes you to the parenting video that covers this lesson. Please watch the video and seriously consider taking the necessary steps to dial down the volume in your home.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with comments and even requests on how I can pray for your family and be of assistance to you.

Partnering with you,

Kim Constantino