When Jesus showed His disciples what it meant to follow Him, He took off His cloak, wrapped a towel around His waist and washed His disciple's feet. Servanthood is part of what it means to be a Christian.  We have many different ways to serve at Risen Christ.  Below are just a few of the functioning ministries.  And...if you don't find a place for your gifts and talents, you can always start something new.  We consider ourselves a "permission giving" church. 


Our governing board is our church council which oversees all aspects of our church.  


Since we have a contemporary service, serving in our worship takes on a new dimension including;

    Praise Band- Singers, electric guitar, bass, keys, drums

    Sound Board Operator- getting the mix of our band and singers just right

    Video/Lights- displaying the words to our worship songs on a screen or operating our theatrical lighting

Welcome Team

Greeters- making folks feel welcome

Coffee Bar Baristas- mixing a good smoothie is an art

Nursery Help- for our paid Nursery staff


Sunday School teacher

Youth Counselor for our teens


Flip pancakes for our Breakfast with Santa.  Paint faces for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Take on the role of a soldier in our Journey to the Cross. Lead little ones in our Vacation Bible School