Prayer Needs

It is our hope you will pray from home for the needs below throughout.  If you have a need to add to the list please e-mail  We must not forget that our God is in total control of this situation,  and that as community of faith we can lift each other in prayer.  

For Thanks and Praise:  

For Pastor Braun as he begins his journey to Risen Christ.

For Healing;

Lynda- Sheryl Reid’s sister with Stage 4 breast cancer

Jillaine Newman’s dad

Ralph Ditucci- friend of Doug Osterling

Stephanie Byrne- cousin of Leslie Finke

Fontaine McNamara- former member of Risen Christ with cancer

Sue Pompa- Ilene Barkau’s sister with breast cancer

Rachel Schwarz’ mom, Janet, with skin cancer

Barry King - Brother of Lynne Goldstein- DVT in leg and neck 

Julie - Robin Huttunen's Sister with breast cancer

Sharon Bahringer - friend of Michele Bartleson with breast cancer

Lynn Osterling, niece of Doug Osterling

Patti Castrechini - friend of Ilene and Mike Barkau, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, 


For Peace

For Jillaine Newman - For peace regarding employment.

Serving Our Country

Adam Schueckle - Currently re-deployed