Mission and Vision

A Strategic Focus with Plenty for All

Vision Statement for Risen Christ Lutheran Church 

We of Risen Christ Lutheran Church commit ourselves to:

                                                  **  Reach out to our community with God's love,

                                                  **  To provide a home for allwith a Christ-centered, family-enriching emphasis,

                                                  **  In order to develop and equip fully devoted followers of Christ.

What does that mean?

Commit ourselves. . .  What we seek is not consensus or compliance.  It is only through a commitment- of time, talents and treasures- that we will be able to realize our vision.  Each person connected to Risen Christ will be asked for their commitment to this vision.

Reach out. . . It is the nature of the church to reach beyond itself.  The church ceases to be the church as Christ created it if it is not in mission, the mission of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

Community. . .  Although missions around the world is a fervent concern for us, God has given us a specific mission field to impact.  That mission field is located in close proximity to our church building.  God has narrowed our primary focus so that we might have a better grasp of the characteristics of those we are attempting to reach.

God's love. . .  Having been touched ourselves with the message of God's love in Jesus and realizing His amazing grace, we are compelled to share that beautiful message with others.  His love is the basis for all we do.

Christ-centered. . .   The cross of Jesus Christ permeates all that we do. 

To provide a home for all. . .  Families are made up of young and old, married and single alike.  There is always room in our extended spiritual family for persons of any age or any marital state. 

Family-enriching. . . The primary social grouping of our mission field consists of families with younger children.  This is consistent with the excellent ministry that already exists in our Risen Christ Preschool.  Thus, our programming would be developed with the needs of families in mind.

Develop and equip. . .  God's people are under construction.  They are in process; developing.  Having reached out into our community, our ministry is to nurture the spiritual life of believers and equip them to take their ministries back out into the world.  People come to Risen Christ to be developed and equipped to go.

Fully devoted followers of Christ. . .  God's call for the church is to "make disciples," those who are striving to conform their lives to His intentions in every way.  Knowing Jesus and living by His design for us, gives us peace, hope and great joy.     

Is there a place for me at Risen Christ?

You may wonder if there is anything at Risen Christ for you.  The answer is: Yes!

You can find opportunities at Risen Christ in various places.  We worship together, we learn together, we serve together.  There are small groups for people of any age and life stage. There are yearly fellowship opportunities like our Breakfast with Santa and Easter Egg Hunt to name a few. There are opportunities to serve and opportunities to impact the community and world in the name of Jesus. Risen Christ Family has a place for all, so come by and join us with Jesus at the center!